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Who is Mike Dixon?  I am a surgeon working in the largest, busiest Breast Unit in the United Kingdom. Over 750 patients every year with breast cancer are managed within the Unit at the Western General Hospital. The Unit is also the regional centre for management of all screen detected breast cancers in the south east of Scotland. The Breast Unit also acts as a tertiary centre with referrals from throughout Scotland, UK and Europe. The majority of those referrals are to myself. I have been a specialist breast surgeon for over 25 years and have trained in breast surgery, plastic surgery and radiological procedures.

This website is designed to be useful to you. Listed below are the reasons why this website was set up and what it provides for you.

  • Contact details and more details about myself. Although I am busy, I am always available, all you have to do is contact my PA, Lesley Pringle for academic queries or my Medical Secretary, Kirsty Birrell for patient or medico-legal enquiries and they will make sure that your message gets through to me.
  • To provide links to patient information.  Patients often ask me where is the best source for information.  All the information sources that I endorse can be accessed through this website.  There is also some basic information on breast cancer. 
  • To provide information on the clinical work of the Edinburgh Breast Unit.  Any surgery offered anywhere else in the world is available in our Unit.
  • To provide information on the research being carried out in our Unit.  We have a Breakthrough Research Unit in Edinburgh.  Edinburgh has always been a major focus of research but the funding from Breakthrough has allowed us to extend that range and scope of research. 
  • To provide a teaching education resource as well as a series of slides and pictures from the books I have published.  It will provide information on some of the lectures I have given over the past few years.  It will also provide links to conferences which I have been involved in such as the Miami Breast Cancer Conference of which I am currently co-chair.
  • Information on the publications I have written.

If this website does not provide what you are looking for then please let me know. It is in a constant phase of evolution.

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