Description of the Unit

The Edinburgh Breast Unit is the largest single integrated Breast Unit in the United Kingdom. It has a unique geographical set up in that the Breast Unit has its own ward, its own operating theatre and its own clinic inter connected with its own integrated x-ray facility providing mammography and ultrasound directly under the Unit. One floor above the clinical facilities are the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Laboratories.

The Edinburgh Breast Unit is the main focus for breast cancer treatment in the south east of Scotland. Surgeons and oncologists from the Unit treat all patients diagnosed with breast cancer in the south east of Scotland. To do this the surgeons and oncologists from the unit travel to Fife, Livingstone, the Borders and Dumfries and Galloway to provide some of these services locally.

Aims of the Unit

  1. To provide state of the art care for all patients with breast cancer in the south east of Scotland.
  2. To advance our knowledge and understanding of breast cancer and to improve patient outcome.
  3. To provide not only the best medical care but truly holistic care for all our patients.
New Developments
  1. The most recent development is the refurbishment and rebadging of the research laboratories on the floor above the current Edinburgh Breast Unit. These laboratories, now known as the Breakthrough Research Laboratories are the focus for new exciting research to improve our understanding of how tumours respond to endocrine therapy and why some tumours do not respond or eventually become resistant.
  2. The unit is undergoing expansion and the administrative facilities within the unit have been relocated. The ward has been completely refurbished and the Unit has 2 dedicated operating theatres immediately adjacent to the ward. The theatres and the ward are state of the art facilities and owe much to huge donations from Walk the Walk. The aim is now to improve our radiology facilities and redevelop and extend these facilities. They are situated directly under the Breast Unit ward. Work will start on this in early 2012.